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Who is Shannon? 

I've had a passion for design in all aspects for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would draw an entire house with chalk on our driveway, sketch out the dogs from the print on my bedroom curtains and rearrange my bedroom several times a year! It shouldn't be a surprise then that I majored in Interior Design in college and went on to work for a company that specialized in kitchens and baths for several years before landing a job for a high-end countertop company. Design is part of who I am. A few years ago, while my parents were on vacation, I went to their house and gutted their 1920's linen closet and renovated it into the 21st Century with new walls, shelving and organization. They loved it! And most recently I took on a new venture with woodworking and built benches, created signage and designed the  archway for my wedding! But why stop there?!?! In September of 2019, we purchased our first home and I simply can't stop designing so I created a 3D accent wall in my dining room. And of course I have my own craft room for making my own cards because well, that's what you do! I love to be creative!
So needless to say, it was quite obvious to my family and friends that I should take it to the next level and start a business to share my love for creating with others. So with their love and support, here it goes! 
Thank you to all of those who have supported my passion over the years. Especially my loving husband, Dino. In honor of his greek heritage, I chose a business name that encompassed my love for creativity and design. It is with great excitement that I have started Meráki Woodworking Designs. It is the perfect fit. 
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